Cryptocurrency People Per Hour Freelancer clone is a prominent Freelance Marketplace script, designed to enable you build your own freelance marketplace website similar to Freelancer, Upwork, Elance and many more.Freelance industry have a become a flourishing platform of business interactions where job providers and job seekers connect with each other at very large scale for either doing a job or providing a job.Cryptocurrency Fiverr clone is our staggering Freelancer Clone script on which you can rely on if you are planning to launch your own professional freelancing website and become the part of booming outsourcing industry.

Technology Used
• PHP Language
• Core PHP Framework
• MySQL Database
• Server: Any Linux Server.
Modules Included
• Freelancer Portal
• Panels included for the above: User, Guest User, Buyer Panel, Seller Panel, Super Admin and Advanced features.
Freelancer Features
• Skills in Demand
• List of Service Category
• List of Projects and statistics
• Project Details
• Latest Bids Listing
• Rich featured Payment Gateway
• System Alert message
• Search Filters
• Content or Unique Design
• Traffic Figures
• Number of Customers
• Number of projects posted

• Dashboard
View details of Users, Pending approvals, Active Order details and Support Tickets details.
• Proposal & Services View details of orders. Admin can preview, Pause or Trash Proposal. View Active or Deactivate Status. You can filter details by Category, Time and Seller level.
• Sales View Date Wise Filter and details of Sales done. View Order and Proposal details and Amount of Profits earned.
• Expenses Enter Service details Title and Description with amount and Add Expenses.
• Pending Pay-outs View Details of Pending Pay-outs with Ref no. You can View User Details, Approve or Decline Payouts. View details of Declined and Completed Pay-outs.
• View Reports View Report Details of Ordered, Messages and Proposal details.
• Buyer Requests View details of Active, Pending, Declined details. Admin can Approve or Decline Buyer Requests.
• Category Enter Category Title, Description details with Category Image. You can make them as Featured Category from Admin. View list of Category.
• Sub Category Enter Sub Category Title, Description details with Sub Category Image. You can make them as Featured Sub Category from Admin. View list of Sub Category. • Delivery Time Enter Proposal and Delivery Time. This will show on Categories, Sub Categories and on related proposal pages.
• Currency Add Currency and Currency code from Admin. You can add multiple currency from Admin.
• Multi-Language The entire user side of the script can be customized to the language of your choice.
• Skills Add Multiple Skills. You can view list of skill details. You can edit or delete seller.
• Coupons Enter Coupon Details, Add Price and Amount details and Code for Coupon.
• Customer Management Create customer profiles in multiple groups like registered and guest customers, view and manage wish list, coupons, etc.
• Roles View All Staff Roles, Create and Manage Roles. Edit or Delete them. Customize them.
• RTL Compatibility Compatible writing with Right to Left language like Arabic or Hebrew and offers bidirectional support on all browsers.
• Slider Settings
Upload your Layer/Top Slider Banners, Logos, and Default Images etc. from Admin
• Promotional Banners Place attractive promotional banners for user’s reach, by helping them buy more.
• SEO Friendly Add Meta, ALT Tags, Meta Description and Title details to update SEO from Admin. Manage your Keywords, Social Network Reach, and Alexa Traffic Rank/Graphs etc.
• Advertising Add & Update Banners to Advertisement. These ads will then be showcased to the Users browsing through your Website
• SMS/Newsletter Enable SMS and Newsletter Subscription feature and connect to subscribers through email and sms marketing.

• Hybrid Apps Users get fully branded IOS & Android Apps for your Freelancer Clone Script Website.
• OTP Login Supports Social Media Login (FB and Twitter). Sign up with a mobile number to allow Login using OTP (One Time Password) for a password less login access to your Website.
• Dashboard View details of Order Completed, Delivered Orders, Cancelled ones, Details and count of purchase details.
• Client Login Client is for people who are seeking for freelancers to get their work done. They have accessibility to Post a Job and Contact Freelancers.
• Freelancer Login People who wish to be a freelancer can login here with Unique ID with Email Address. Search Profiles by Ratings, Location, their Language, their Level. You can send them a message & get to know more details.
• Payment Gateway Payment Gateways such as PayPal, stripe, credit card, debit card, etc are integrated. Same way multiple Payment gateways can be added. You can activate and deactivate it from Admin • Real Time Messaging You can send and receive messages to other Workers or Freelancers.
• Notifications View details and updates on work in progress on the website.
• Custom Order Create an Offer for the Freelancer. Select a Proposal or service you Offer with Delivery Time and Date and the Amount.
• Proposal Search for Proposal of your Service or Quantity. Apply Coupon Code and Purchase it.
• Category
Search services based on Category, Delivery Time etc. View list of Service details. Compare Packages. Add to Cart or Favourite list.
• Become a Seller Make sure you have a creative Profile. Customer will actually read through your content.
• Submit Proposal After creating your Proposal ore service, submit it so the admin can approve it. Once the Admin approves, the proposal will be visible.
• Get Orders Once the Proposal or Service is approved by Admin. Start receiving order from Customers from all over the world.
• Deliver Once you receive orders, try your best to satisfy customers. Communicate with them and make sure you deliver in time.
• Get Paid on Time Once your work is done on time. Get payment transferred to you. Our system has PayPal, Wallet and Crypto Currencies.
• Manage Request View details of requests i.e Active, Paused, Pending, approved requests. Choose actions, View or delete requests.
• Post Request Include all the necessary details for a request. Choose Category and Sub Category details. Set a Delivery Time and Budget for this Service.
• Referral System For each unique member you refer that signs up, you will get $1 added to your shopping balance, once it is approved.
• Proposal Referrals You can track all the proposals you have successfully promoted and the commission you have awarded for promoting them.
• Profile Update you Language and Skills. View Proposals and Services you have offered. You can Create a new Proposal here. View most recent reviews.
• View bids Receive free bids from our talented freelancers within seconds.
• Live chat You can live chat with your freelancers to get constant updates on the progress of your work.
• 24/7 support We’re always here to help. Our support consists of real people who are available 24/7.
• Find a Service Find a Service Compare Prices, time, portfolios, ratings and community recommendations in order to find the seller that suits you the best. You can send them and enquiry or post a request.
• Order
View details of Orders. Active, Delivered and Completed List. View details of Pending and On Progress details.
• Purchases View details of Purchases done with Date and Amount details. • Details Enter complete details so the seller can provide you with quality service. Once the service is completed you will be rewarded with payment.
• Transactions The Seller will deliver service within a specified time frame. Exchange files from within and get feedback and view list of transactions.
• Modification If you are not satisfied with the work delivered, you can go ahead and request for modifications.
• Rate your Seller Once you’re satisfied with the work you can provide feedback about your seller. This will help other buyers looking through proposals or services.
• Proposal/Service Post a proposal or service suitable with your skills. Enter specific details, so your clients know exactly what they have to pay for.
• Create a Coupon Enter Coupon details, price, Code and Limit. Select the Proposal for which you want the coupon to available and submit it.
• Revenue Earned View details of Amounts Withdrawals, Proposals Services. Withdraw to PayPal or Stripe Account, Mobile Money or Crypto Wallet.
• Buyer Requests View details of Buyer Requests and their details. View Date and Duration of project Details. View Budget details and Send Offer. You can Accept or Remove request.
• Communicate Respond to customer queries, as well as request for offers (new requirement) with time. Good communication leads to successful endeavours.
• Reputation Make sure you satisfy the customers the same. Give them the best service regardless the transaction value.
• Precise Date Try to be on prefect on Date of Delivery. Buyers can cancel the order once the order passes the delivery date. That will lead to no payment for the work done.
• Social Media Log In
This allows clients to enter your Freelancer website through social media logins. It gives your consumers the seamless experience.
• Social Share You can share your Jobs or details through Social Media to your other colleagues.
• Live Chat With live chat integration reply to queries, make easy live conversation & ensure support.
• ERP Feature ERP package enable a corporation to take care of master lists of all customers and vendors, the product it sells, the fabric company procures, chart of accounts list, worker knowledge & knowledge that company owns.
• Record New Entry Suppose a brand new marketer should be recorded within the master knowledge. Correct marketer ID, his actual verified location, payment terms and mechanism and credit limits are recorded. Erp System take care of data entry in a reliable form.
• ERP Report Tools for querying info and generating unexpected reports area unit accessible within the ERP system. These tools conjointly embrace customizable dashboards, making completely different graphs and different visual representations.
• CRM A CRM element of ERP system principally keeps track of all of your client and sales information. This module includes options like insights of sales patterns and client behaviours, client preferences and many more.