Our team has developed the cryptocurrency Groupan script by implementing technology into ideas to life which helps the user’s search of stores and restaurants easily available at one place. Our cryptocurrency Groupan Clone Script will provide a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for the users. This script will provide various coupons and discounts for different stores and restaurants in your city where this helps to reduce the time and money of the peoples. In this current technology generation owning a cryptocurrency Groupan Script will be the greatest wealth.This is the multipurpose business script for coupons and daily deals. Restaurants coupans or shops coupans of any location can become a member of the website by easily adding their information like name, description, address, contact details. The users, members, and admin will have separate login and dashboards so that the hotel admin and website admin can supervise their activities. The admin can customize this cryptocurrency Groupan Script based on their needs as our Clone Script is customizable to the core end. The admin has the control to add or delete the members of the website.

Technology Used

 PHP Language

 Core PHP Framework

 MySQL Database

 Server: Any Linux Server.

Modules Included

 Coupon Clone

 Panels included for the above: User, Guest User, Wallet User, Admin, Agent, Super Admin.

Coupon Features

UNIQUE options

  • client Support
  • SEO Friendly Versions
  • Speed optimized package
  • Stand Your Business whole
  • straightforward script installation
  • User Friendly Script
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • straightforward Customization


  • Login with Google/Facebook/yahoo
  • Profile
  • Multi-level class.
  • Unlimited deal address, location, Contacts, redeem temporal arrangement, deal nearest address to seek out out the deal


  • Unlimited deal image transfer.
  • Unlimited deal Rate card transfer.
  • Search by location and kilometer vary.
  • read the speed cards of deals.
  • Rate your Deals and augment cart.
  • Write a review on deals
  • offer feedback to the vendor.
  • read the placement of the deal through Google map.
  • See the similar deals in your designated town.
  • Check discounts
  • Payment entrance Enabled
  • Check unfinished, Active, Rejected, terminated Deals.
  • activate the terminated deals.
  • Featured merchant deals.
  • Check charge history, sell list, and reviews.
  • Edit active deals.
  • Search through class and subcategory listing pages.
  • Search by minimum value and most value.
  • Search by location and kilometer vary.


  • you’ll be able to Add/edit/delete payment gateways
  • choice to Check Paid/Unpaid/purchased orders.
  • choice to Check charge history of merchant and user.
  • Check reviews.
  • Coupon code generation module for admin panel, wherever we will generate some coupon code to

offer further discount for special occasions.

  • marketer list — type by name, type by classes, type by town, type by expiration date, type by featured.
  • Featured deal is per week basis.
  • Admin should be ready to see user details (both client and marketer separately), Details embody user

id/email, previous orders.

  • choice to reset client watchword.
  • choice to offer and cipher some credit from merchant account.
  • Complete CMS system.
  • List of users/sellers.
  • See user details/seller details
  • Suspend users, seller
  • Generate/edit coupon for discount.
  • Check all unfinished, active, rejected, terminated deals,
  • Approve unfinished deals /edited deals
  • choice to Edit/Delete deals
  • you’ll be able to Add/edit/delete class subcategory.
  • you’ll be able to Add/edit/delete banner ad, feature ads.

User :

Username :

Password  : 123456

Admin :

Username :

Password  : 123456


Email :

Skype ID : doditsolutions

Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.