cryptocurrency Ticket New Script is an online movie ticket booking web script developed in PHP, MySql and Codeigniter framework for both individual and multiple theatre owners. The website provides a facility for your customers to book tickets for a movie online and to gather information about the movies and theatres. cryptocurrency Ticket New Script is highly efficient software for all theatre owners to ensure the success of their business and helps to build customer loyalty. One of the striking features of the Ticket New software is, it is flexible enough to make any additional fine-tuning.cryptocurrency Movie Booking script is customized with SEO-friendly URL to make easy access of the site, and also, in addition, we provide some additional offer with this script and there is 24×7 technical support team help for your solution

Technology Used

 PHP Language

 Core PHP Framework

 MySQL Database

 Server: Any Linux Server.

Modules Included

 Book My Show

 Panels included for the above: User, Affiliate User, Admin, Theatre Admin, Counter Admin, Guest

User, Wallet User, Agent, Super Admin, and Multi-Admin.


Book My Show options

ADVANCED options

  • picture show management
  • Events management
  • Location management
  • News management
  • Schedule management
  • Movie, Cinema and Events Booking
  • Counter booking and on-line booking
  • Advance Theatre management
  • category management
  • Show management

UNIQUE options

  • Log in employing a valid username or email and positive identification
  • Recover login details victimisation your mail id
  • Recover the username/password victimisation forgot positive identification


  • Email validation and Captcha is offered
  • Confirmation mail are sent to the mail id
  • produce a brand new account with basic data
  • Username , email and positive identification and its


Check availability:

  • If a price tag} is offered user will book ticket.
  • Shows the trailers by victimisation YouTube video.
  • The user will rate the films
  • once login user will search picture show from picture show list.
  • User will check price tag handiness.


Book ticket:

  • User will search picture show by victimisation picture show, date, show, location, language and sophistication.
  • Then choose variety of seats to book. • once choose variety of seats, choose seat numbers from seat layout. ADMIN PANEL


  • Login victimisation valid username and positive identification
  • modification password:
  • positive identification management (Change new password)

User management:

  • Add the new theatre
  • Manage theatre (view, edit and delete)
  • Manage user (view and delete)
  • Theatre management:

Class management:

  • Show management:
  • Add the new show
  • Manage show (view, edit and delete)
  • Add the new category
  • Manage category (view, edit and delete)

Movie management:

  • Admin will edit previous picture show details.
  • Admin will delete picture show.
  • Admin will add new picture show.

Events management:

  • Admin will edit previous events details.
  • Admin will delete events.
  • Admin will add new events.

Location management:

  • Add the new location
  • Manage location (view, edit and delete)

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News management:

  • Add the new news
  • Manage news (view, edit and delete)

Schedule management:

  • Admin will delete moving picture schedule.
  • Admin will add new moving picture schedule by forthcoming and current.
  • Admin will edit moving picture schedule.

Report management:

  • Admin will read daily report, weekly report, and monthly report.
  • Admin will read counter user report.

Site settings:

  • you’ll be able to manage website settings and information’s

CMS management:

  • Admin will manage the cms pages


  • sign up check in choices.
  • Get Email choices.
  • Get SMS choices.
  • Search possibility enabled.
  • Check on obtainable package details.
  • will read snaps and videos.
  • Personal my account details with history.
  • Reports for all reserved, cancel and come tickets.
  • Fund transfer.
  • Check refund standing by coming into the price tag variety.
  • Coupon codes.
  • Promotions codes.
  • notecase offers credits.
  • Refer a friends
  • User notecase obtainable.
  • Payment entree enabled.
  • Print tickets.
  • Cancel Tickets.


  • Print tickets.
  • Cancel Tickets.
  • Check refund standing by coming into the price tag variety.
  • Coupon codes.
  • Promotions codes.
  • notecase offers credits.
  • Refer a friends
  • Search possibility enabled.
  • Check on obtainable package details.
  • will read en-numbers of snaps and videos.
  • Fill details and book it.
  • Payment entree enabled. …etc.

User :


                Username :

                Password : 123456

                Admin :


                Username : admin

                Password : admin

                Theater Admin :


                username :

                password : 12345



                Username : bookticket

                Password : 123456


Email :

Skype ID : doditsolutions

Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.