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UNIQUE options

 White label

 distinctive price

 Commission

 Super Admin

 service fee

 case user modules

User panel

 Login

 Search

 Wallet

 Payment page

 Bill

 Check refund standing

 Forgot countersign

 Registration

Admin panel

 Login

 User management

 Payment management

 Commission management

 Statistics

 General settings

 Email log details

 Manage banners

 Manage marquee text

 Cancellation policies

 Bulk sms management

 Sms log details


 Payment managed

 Commission managed

 Refund standing

 Sms log details

 Email log details

 Banners managed

 Manage marquee text

 Admin management

 Admin Access for every menus and options will management.

 Admin, worker and manager’s access and roles is managed.

 User management

 Manage the users details (edit,delete,status)


 sign up check in choices.

 User case obtainable.

 Payment entrance enabled.

 case offers credits.

 Get SMS possibility

 Personal my account details with history.

 Get Email choices.

Development method

 Receiving the initial payment

 begin the event method

 causing Weekly standing update with our development uniform resource locator, therefore consumer will review the continuing

 Collect the entire demand of the project and analyze therequirement

 Prepare the value and time estimation

 causing invoice for five hundredth of the entire payment


 Migration from our development server to measure server

 coaching on the way to add/remove, maintain from the backend

 Development completed

 causing invoice for payment


 handed over the User Manuel

 redeeming the used Files (Logo, pictures and alternative documents).

 0.5 day Admin coaching (How to take care of the backend).

User :


                username: priyakannan

                password: 123

                Admin :


                username: admin

                password: 123

                Merchant :



                password: 123


Email :

Skype ID : doditsolutions

Mobile : +91 7339131505. Landline : 0431-4000616.